Through the implementation and operation of relevant programs of opportunity, exposure, and experience, the mission of VSTAR is to elevate female youth, providing them with the necessary skills, developmental tools, and knowledge, all based on initiatives through the VSTAR Dance Component, Mentoring Group, and Charm School. VSTAR is committed to equipping female youth with the tools to achieve their goals and become successful in every endeavor of life.


VSTAR envisions that female youth will become part of an environment where through commitment and diligent work ethic, they will obtain education, confidence, social skills, etiquette, mentoring, counseling, and an overall professional foundation that will allow them to attain, achieve, and fulfill their goals and aspirations. VSTAR has an astute spiritual foundation and in our vision, we resonate with Proverbs 31:17-26 stating that a virtuous woman is an energetic, strong, and hardworking, royally dressed, dignified, fearless, wise, and kind woman. Through VSTAR, it is our desire to provide the opportunities to female youth who are deserving of everything that a virtuous woman embodies.Proverbs 31:29 also states, “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world but YOU surpass them all.”


VSTAR is a Non- Profit Organization geared towards establishing “Virtuous Sophisticated Talented Amazingly Remarkable female youth,” by equipping females with vital characteristics to enhance their quality of life. Essentially, through the investment in female youth,VSTAR focuses on developing energetic, strong, hardworking, royally dressed, dignified, fearless, wise, kind, and positive female identities. Through the VSTAR Dance component, Mentoring Group, and Charm School we provide awareness about life, education, and professionalism; our spiritual mission is to create a woman of worth, wealth,and wisdom.“Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise” (Proverbs 31:21).