VSTAR incorporates quarterly Dance Clinics at various Houston locations throughout the year in efforts to encourage the continuation of dance as well as embrace female youth by increasing their physical activities,revitalizing their health factors, and allowing them to increase their muscular endurance and strength. Additionally, featured guests also address the participants on topics that include but are not limited to:personal hygiene, health awareness, physical awareness, coping with stress, education, professionalism, and ways maintain a positive attitude.

An extension of the monthly dance clinics are the Summer Dance Camps that are held yearly. These week-long sessions include a variety of dance styles that include jazz, hip hop, hip hop funk, lyrical, praise dance, novelty, modern, and technique. Experienced instructors work with participants in small and large group settings in efforts to prepare for the Dance Showcase at the end of the camp session. There is also a panel of special guests invited to speak in empowerment star sessions for the female youth throughout the duration of the camp. Dance clinic and camp sessions are open to all female participants, ages 3-18 individuals and dance teams.

Why VSTAR Dance?

At youthful ages, females are considered to be operating in the developmental stages of their lives. As they establish themselves, they are gainfully exposed to an array of influences that can be both positive and negative. Through the dance component of VSTAR, dancing enhances moral development and character. In fact, participants build confidence and courage with the ability to artistically express themselves through movement. It is this personal and meaningful connection with dance that allows for impressionable young women become more than just dancers, but refined individuals who are morally transformed.